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Info on Gali Lucy:

Gali Lucy, an architecture engineer and a Medium who communicates with The Creation’s entities since the age of six.
She channels through her brain without any additional tools. She advises on a variety of topics to many people worldwide via the phone, by answering questions in a short and concise manner, using her X-ray remote vision ability, in order to receive information on various topics such as: health status, description from afar, messages from the deceased, and more.

The author of spiritual cards and books:

  1. Divine Creation
  2. The Future
  3. Aquarius Age

These books were dictated to her through channeling with an easy and simple explanation & information, regarding what is The Creation’s plan for humanity on Earth and to prepare mankind into the entrance of the Aquarius Age.

She also sings frequency singing without background music (in her YouTube Channel), while the entities are channeling through her.

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