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This joint vessel was born out of our care and love for our family, our community and our world. We recognized that as human beings, we lack power, clarity and energy within the states of hopelessness and apathy. 

Our three children act as great reminders and help us rise to a state of hopefulness on a daily basis with their sheer presence offering us inspiration. We recognize that when we are in states of hope, peace and joy, we have much greater focus, creativity and vitality available to us. There is great power and vigour in being healthy and happy! 

At Adventures In Joy (AIJ), our approach stems from the knowing that human beings are innately good, resilient and loving. We strongly believe this. We share this platform with you to honour you and your journey back to your true potential. For when we have the tools, the experiences and the support to work through our roadblocks, we naturally allow the stream of joy and vitality to radiate through our lives. 

It is through our personal shifts that we can ultimately create a global shift. We know Joy to be a profound tool in creating this shift. Seeking, uncovering and following Joy has become our focus and guiding light.

Won’t you join us?

So in 2019 we made Joy our life’s work.

We decided to use the state of affairs in the world as a catalyst, inspiring us to create a shift towards a more joyful and connected world. By seeing what we didn’t want, we gained clarity on exactly what we did want. 

Our three pillars are the vehicle we use to facilitate the personal shifts within ourselves and others.


The most powerful tool we have to create change in our lives. Joy heals! It opens our hearts, moving us from isolation to connection. 


As we explore the world and its cultures we are provided with new perspectives to find joy in our daily life and break old patterns we thought were steadfast.


Having spiritual experiences, catapults us to a different way of viewing ourselves and the world around us. It expands our perception of what it means to live our true potential. In an instant, moving us from separation to wholeness.

In Short, we use JOY as our Compass. 

Our Mission

We sincerely believe that when we take the time to truly care for ourselves, we ignite our capacity to care for others and ultimately our world.

Our mission is to investigate, experience and integrate the awakening of our true potential and to share the tools, strategies and wisdom we’ve gained with others in order to create a culture of joyously aware and connected individuals.

“We bring decades of knowledge and experience combining cutting edge science in natural medicine with time tested traditional wisdom that will begin to shift your mind and heart.”


We Specialize In:

Integrative Medicine






We invite you to take a step closer towards Joy in your life. 

You deserve to live a rich and fulfilled life.

With joy,

Jason and Tea 

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