Happy Lemurian New Year from our family to you and yours!

Our beautiful planet began as Tara, evolved to Maia, then to Sophia, and to Gaia and today we are celebrating the first bEarthday of our planet’s consciousness as Matea: Planet of New Light. Our Planet Matea is now in divine union with its feminine as well as masculine energies.

Today is the first day that Light contacted the Earth 500 million years ago.

The Gregorian calendar (along with the zodiac signs) are linked to distorted timelines. Based on part truths or complete falsity. It is time that we step into pure (undistorted) light as we leave behind the drama of that which divides, confuses and instills fear. Tune into Matea’s calling and let go of Gaia. Let go.

Let us imagine and dream into being our Heaven on Earth as we step into the roles of the blessed creators that we are as Children of Light on this planet of New Light!

Just as our beloved planet Earth has shifted in her consciousness, we as the Children can also now choose Liberation and Opportunity within our new phase of evolution. This is truly an unprecedented time in humanity’s history as we awaken to our full capacity, innate power and pure light ⚡️🧬⚡️

What we focus on, we envision into being. Let us recognize our power so that we may choose wisely!

📷Mauta Taki

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