The key to our transformation is simply this: the better we know ourselves the better equipped we will be to make our choices wisely.
-Gregg Braden

It’s been a few years that Jason and I had been admiring the writings and teachings of Gregg Braden. When we decided to actively reach out and connect with teachers whose work we appreciate, Gregg Braden was one of the top ones on our list. The Cell to Soul retreat was actually sold out when I went online to register. Through experimenting and applying some of the Silva Method techniques, which we were learning of at the time, Jason and I were contacted within a few days by the organizer Elan Shaloha. Elan informed us that even though we were 50th on the waitlist, he was offering us 2 spaces that had opened up.  We were on our way!


Braden rejects Darwin’s theory of evolution and states that Nature’s primary rule is co-operation not conflict and competition.  Providing the scientific basis for this shift in paradigm, Braden brings the focus on our conscious evolution as human beings living on this planet. Gregg Braden is a geologist and used to work for U.S. Defence and left the comfort and predictability of his position in the corporate world to share knowledge and wisdom that what he feels is important to understand in navigating this world.

‘Do not give your humanness away!’ Gregg Braden would remind us daily. He spoke of the conveniences that man has created through the implementation of machines and devices. These innovations have proven to be useful in bringing ease into our lives. However, Braden noted that it is important to realize that we have recognized certain qualities, traits and capabilities of importance that we have created outside of ourselves, but the time has now come to recognize that these machines and devices are simply just mirroring the capabilities we have fully available and accessible within OURSELVES, as human beings. Due to recent interest and research such findings of human potential are being understood more. Ancient traditions from Tibet, the Mayans and even as documented within the Dead Sea Scrolls, have known and practiced various super-power capabilities for a long time. And now due to the work of a selected few, including Gregg Braden, we can now come to know and own our human potential.


Heart/brain coherence was one of the ways in which Braden prescribes for better health and longevity as well as tapping into the deep wisdom of the heart. Heart intelligence provides a most effective compass on making decisions, big and small. Through tapping into an internal guidance system, available to us 24/7, we have an intelligent system that can help us navigate this life.  The feelings that facilitate the strongest heart/brain coherence are: gratitude, appreciation, care and compassion.  ‘Creating heart-brain coherence empowers us to experience deep states of intuition and to do so on demand.’


As Gregg conveyed all the ways in which we are powerful beyond our current knowing, he shared with us all the ways in which the different traditions, visionaries and seekers from around the world have tapped into their human potential. Our humanness is a gift to be treasured. Know thyself. Keep striving to understand your own Spirit so that you don’t discount your power and value. These seemingly ‘extra-ordinary states, are actually ordinary states that we’ve been conditioned out of through culture, religions and within societies. ‘The better you know yourself, the less you fear your own power.’

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