What power there is in our service when our actions line up with our mission, skills and joy.
-Mary Anne Radmacher


We packed our bags, and flew to the U.S. Kripalu Centre for Yoga & Health was our destination where we enjoyed the delicious food, beautiful surroundings and had the time of our lives as we realized and manifested our visions and goals! Our instructor for the week, was none other than Anodea Judith, Ph.D. Anodea is the author of nine books on the chakras, psychology, yoga, social change, and manifestation that have been translated into 25 languages.


So many times we hear of the importance of goal setting within the realm of our studies, career, business, and health. Have you ever felt that your goals are not really connected to your true calling? Have you ever written out a 1-year, 3-year and 5-year goal plan and felt as if you were pulling teeth? Has the process felt far from exciting and almost as if through the defining of such goals you were needing your lists to be pleasing to another? In essence, did it feel  disconnected from your true desires? Have you ever questioned the efficacy of ‘motivation’ or even wondered why you couldn’t conjure up enough of it to bring your goals to life?

What if we created the time, space and even sacred ceremonies to tap into our purpose and calling in life? What if we opened up to the possibility that our goal was NOT the starting point in creating our success? But rather our focus on a higher purpose, and that which ignites our joy and excitement became the driving force of our actions and plans? What if we even set aside the idea of motivation altogether and instead brought to focus our true passion? 

We, at AIJ, believe that through the realization of our true passions, and that which brings us real excitement and JOY, our vision for an expanded and fulfilling life naturally plays out as we act through series of inspired actions.

These are the ‘aha’ moments that led to some wonderful conversations and discussions during this course. We tackled limiting beliefs and faced our inner critics in fun and interactive ways. Working within the realms of the thinking, analytical mind, as well as playing out the theory through the physical body made the practices of recognizing and overcoming our obstacles that much more fun and powerful!

We also discussed that when your purpose and vision includes the uplifting and impacting of other in a beneficial way, your life becomes that much more enriched and the Universe assists with much greater power in conspiring your vision into fruition.


We changed our definition of success to “that which brings us the greatest joy!” and we are boldly following it’s lead.

What if…you took some time to re-evaluate your life, your limiting beliefs, your ideas about life’s purpose and what could be possible. What if you could dream a different reality through a daring and courageous vision that connects you with Spirit, a calling, a joy. What if…you boldly began to tread your own path, led by your heart’s calling while not concerning yourself with the judgements and opinions of others? THIS dear friend is the taste of FREEDOM and true JOY. Yours to chew, ingest and assimilate in your everyday life!


Through the experiences and learnings here, we realized the importance of taking the time to connect with our true purpose in life. For when we do, finding the drive, motivation and energy to move in the direction of that which excites us becomes a joyful endeavour! So you may begin by considering all the things (professions or tasks) that you used to consider and wonder about as a child. As you grew up were there certain figures in your life whom you used to admire the work of? Did you read about possible missions or tasks within novels or storybooks even that got you truly excited about contributing to the world in an innovative way? These are all useful questions to consider, sit with and ponder for a few days or even weeks. And if you’re unsure, or if you’re feeling stuck or numb, it’s okay. Be patient. As long as you are truly wanting to reconnect with Spirit, and hear your heart’s whispers in lighting your path, it will happen!

Begin with where you are and keep asking questions to stir up your heart’s content and true desire. The answers and clues may show up in a myriad of ways so watch for the: billboard that catches your eye; the headline in a magazine, the vivid dream, the memory that pops into your head, the idea that suddenly surfaces, the course that calls for you, etc., etc. =)

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