Self Care is the most important part of Health Care.

I came across Lori and Val’s work through social media platform. They are artists in their own right and enhance the the beauty of their clients beautifully through their joint company: Two Chicks and Some Lipstick. After following them for a few months and purchasing one of their courses online, I knew that, for fun, I would indulge in a course of face painting with these two artists at their one-day Masterclass.


As a mom of 3, most days and many nights are spent taking care and tending to my family. As my two little ones have gotten older, it’s only been recent that regular showers, and consuming my meals while still warm, have become the norm once again. Perhaps you can relate.

Self-care and time to do what you enjoy for the sake of sheer joy is so important for your health and general well-being, and really for the happiness of all those around you. So often we have agendas that are prioritized in term of the results that they bear. I will spend x amount of time on this project as it will produce these fruitful results (usually, ‘this amount of money’). What if we set aside at least 1-3 activities each week that was just for us? For no reason other than to feel good and to connect with a feeling of joy.

It was on a Sunday that I left the kids with my husband. Guilt-free and filled with enthusiasm, I drove to my masterclass makeup course. During the drive, I turned up the music and sang happily along to tracks. Since it was a long drive, I even had time to listen to my favourite recorded lectures. The make-up course offered me the window to connect with other moms and creative minds. I caught a glimpse into how others are making a living and also living life.


Have you noticed how common the feeling of guilt arises for you, especially if you’re a mom? And did you know guilt sabotages joy every time? Can you see how difficult, or nearly impossible, it can be to give, provide or just be fully present with others when we are feeling burdened and depleted? What if, equipped with the realization that I am MORE (more patient, more clear, more connected, loving, present, happy, etc.) the best parts of me can be more available to others as well?

Consider now, apart from responsibilities of family, finances, work and career, what is it that you do to fill up? To relax, unwind, to play? What do you do to connect with a feeling of joy? Whether it’s time spent alone, or an event attended with friends. Do you appreciate alone time or social time or a combination of both based on where you’re currently at? Do you enjoy a walk in the park or getting your toes to sink in the sand at the beach? A trip away, a local retreat, or a stroll through a conservation park to connect with your Spirit?


When we feel joy, we have greater amounts of energy. When we connect with joy, we feel optimistic and more empowered (about our life and the direction that it could go). When we are joyful, we can begin to re-envision our life and feel inspired to write a new story of our own life. When we are in a state of joy we can tap into endless possibilities in shaping our reality. Joy is a powerful state.

Practical Exercise: Begin today and write out a list of those things that bring you great joy. You can add and modify this list as you please. As you bring attention to activities, interactions or even goals that bring you a deep sense of joy, you can also make time to play out more joy in your every day. Choose 1 activity each week, then increase to 3. Continue from there. Look for joy and seek it! Start today and watch the joy expand throughout your life and even seep into your relationships.

For more info on the specific course that I did, feel free to check out Val and the services she offers through Two Chicks and Some Lipstick:


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