You are not here to bring light to the world. You are here to BE Light. There is a difference.
-Abraham/Esther Hicks

Abraham/Esther Hicks books have been ones sitting on my shelf for over 10 years. I purchased them as I had previously heard of the teachings through other teachers and various forums. However, every time I would pick up the books, I had little to no inclination to read more than a paragraph. I really believe that we should never force ourselves to read, listen or follow any lessons or teachings if they are not speaking to us. If something doesn’t resonate with us, it can mean that we’re not ready for it or it doesn’t speak to us or offer value based on where we currently are.

It wasn’t until last year that the Abraham teachings came up again within a course that Jason and I were taking together. I picked up the book and we have both benefitted greatly from the message that this stream of energy, known as Abraham, has had to share with us.


It was due to the movie ‘The Secret” that many people turned to the teachings of Abraham. The teachers and authors featured on The Secret had formulated much of their own teachings through the work of Abraham. Though the movie emphasized the Law of Attraction, the teachings of Abraham are actually quite in-depth and profound. For the sake of narrowing down the vast scope of knowledge that Abraham relays, I will cover ‘money’ as it is a big topic of interest for many.

Within our society, there is a huge emphasis on money. Our finances undoubtably play a big part in dictating what experiences we can have, what courses, education we can benefit from, the types of food we can consume, the sports and entertainment we can enjoy, as well as the trips and travels we can partake in.

A focus on money is understandable. However, many spiritual circles consider money to be bad. There is even a saying ‘Money is the root of all evil’ that most of us have heard before; or if someone is doing well financially some say ‘They must have sold their soul to the devil’ and so on. Many of us have heard such messages of money being evil in subtle or overt ways from the time we were young. As a result it might have even been adopted as a belief through which we see rich people as bad and/or responsible for the world’s troubles. Is this true for you? And if so, can you trace back to the time or period in your life where such an impression was made upon you?

When you look at it clearly and without judgement, we can perhaps agree that money, cash, currency itself, is in fact neutral. Not good. Not evil. It’s simply a system we use to place value on different items and services. Through this monetary system we exchange money for the object or service we desire. Now, whether there is an unfair value placed on certain items or services based on supply, demand or even a monopoly within the market is another topic that has no place here at this time. People can choose to spend their money wisely, honestly and generously or, not. However money itself, the monetary system in which we exchange our energy is just thatan exchange of energy. I have seen many instances when people with little or an abundance of money have impacted another person or group in a meaningful and positive manner. From buying coffee for a homeless person to buying acres of forest in order to preserve and protect it from deforestation, these life-enhancing deeds were made with the use of money.


It was before diving into the teachings of Abraham that Jason and I decided that we would let Joy become our compass. It was a pretty amazing realization, that as we learned more about Abraham’s teachings, they recommend that you connect with Joy as a sure way to align your energy to Source.

This was a first cruise for our family. What a fun and joyous way to travel and see the vastness of the sea, and the beautiful countries that we’d find ourselves waking up to in the mornings and exploring on foot through the day. The lovely staff from all over the world brought with them not only their talent and care, but also their life stories and rich perspectives. Also, the food! So. Much. Food. The abundance of food, especially during occasions like this, makes me wonder: Could the issues with our supply of food have in fact less to do with supply and more to do with the poor distribution of it?


‘Abraham’ was the name given to this stream of consciousness channelling through Esther. Some have said that Abraham confuses the idea of God for people and/or that s/he doesn’t speak of God enough. Abraham disagrees as she states that God is ALL that is spoken of.  The way Abraham speaks of Source is quite different than how many of us have learned of God.

In fact, God is the term that many of us have stepped away from in modern times. When we think of ‘God’ many of us think of religious institutions and the dogmas which have often created more separation, pain, abuse of power, judgements and wars in the history of mankind. However, let us not confuse what man has created (in the image of man) with what God is. God is synonymous with: Higher Intelligence, Universe, Eternal, Source, the Divine, Essence, Atman, Collective Consciousness, Nature are just some of the terms that can be used to describe this energy.

Abraham refers to this energy or stream of consciousness as Source and Inner Being. According to Abe, we as humans are all a part, or an extension, of this Source. Abraham describes that we (in our human form) have been created by Source, to have this human experience on this Earth plane. And as we are an extension of Source having this new experience, it is through our everyday endeavours that we expand collective consciousness/Source energy. Sounds big? If this is interesting to you, there are many YouTube videos you can watch and many books and audios that you can check out.

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