Spring To Life – An AIJ Experience

March 2020 – Wyebridge, ON

At AIJ, we continually strive to bring information and experiences that shift, uplift and transform participants. Our retreats are never the same and past participants typically return to continue to learn and be inspired to live their best life and access their true potential.

“Spring to Life – An AIJ Experience” is being held in Ontario in March of 2020. Commencing evening of March 12th to midday on March 15th. Please contact the retreat centre directly for details and to book. Spots fill up quickly, so be sure to register early and take advantage of the Early Bird special available until December 15th, 2019.

Quad Shared Cabin – CAD $699.00 (Early Bird Price until Dec.15th, 2019; $749.00 thereafter)
Double Shared Cabin – CAD $824.00
Private Cabin – CAD $959.00


Outrageous Joy Retreats!

Are You Feeling:

Discontent And Disconnected?

Overwhelmed And Anxious?

Depressed Or Depleted?

Longing For Greater Purpose And Meaning In Life?

It completely surpassed my expectations…

“I wanted to let you know how special the retreat was to me. I had high expectations for the weekend, and it completely surpassed my expectations. I felt like I couldn’t even discuss it with friends and family at first, because I couldn’t find the words to accurately describe what I had experienced. The meditations were like out-of-body experiences, and all of the content was so inspiring to me. I’ve never encountered the “breath of joy” in my yoga practice before. I loved it. I think it’s one of the best natural highs I’ve ever had. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you both for such an amazing, life-changing weekend.”

~ Stephanie H. ~

We Offer You The Tools To

Reconnect To Joy

Rekindle Your Zest For Life

Re-awaken To A Life Filled With Purpose, Meaning, And Connection

What If The Distance Between Your Connection To A Joyful State And Your Current Emotion Is Indicative Of The Connection To Your True Self?

Uncovering that which brings you true joy is tuning in to your Spirit’s calling. We help you tune into this at our retreats and give you the tools to maintain that connection once you return home.
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Jason and Téa…Peter and I cannot thank you enough for all the time,
effort and energy you put into that amazing weekend retreat. You really
showed how much you cared for each and every one of us. The passion and genuine love that you expressed did not go unnoticed.
We had a profound experience and shared it with our children upon our return. We feel the weekend was life changing for us and will be forever grateful. Please know we will always keep all of you in our hearts and prayers.
~ Maddalena G. ~

Its voice is known to you through your own longings and dreams. Yes, your current reality is where you are right now, based on past thoughts and actions. Yet, your desired future can be known only through your aspirations and imagination.

“Such an enlightening weekend. I am so thankful that I was able
to attend and I know that I have been given the tools and experience
that will improve my future.”
~ Caron H. ~

Here at Adventures in Joy, we are dedicated to a belief that it is possible to live a life with joy as your compass. Our transformational retreats provide you the opportunity to discover and break through roadblocks limiting your true potential, assist you in uncovering an expanded vision for your best life, and teach you the essential tools needed to make your vision a reality. 


Whether you’re single, or attending as a couple, parents or joining as a family, our experiential retreats and courses are enlightening and help to move participants to awaken their true potential.

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See what others have to say about our retreats:

-Holly O.

-Holly O.

“You guys opened my eyes to why I often react to conflict and disappointment in a manner that typically doesn’t help the situation, and often makes it last much longer than it needs to. I will be practising use of the tools you provided to help live a more joyful life and am looking forward to sharing these techniques with my family.”

-Kimberely G.

-Kimberely G.

“Jason and Téa have such an abundance of knowledge, love and overall compassion for the human race. They not only facilitate these unforgettable retreats, they actually live the life they teach!”

-Doris V.K.

-Doris V.K.

“Life transforming!”

-Sarah M.

-Sarah M.

“As I watched you, Téa and Jason, I saw that it was meant that you two should meet and help to make the world a better place. Your warm, loving and positive attitudes is contagious and empowering!”

-Sherri L.

-Sherri L.

“The very presence and spiritual energy of these two beautiful souls’ commands attention. Their many years of training and experience in holistic health through yoga, meditation, naturopathy, osteopathy and other holistic modalities combine to offer a life lived to the fullest. Dr.Jason and Téa had chosen the ideal environment at one of the few “blue zones” of the world, the pristine Nicola Peninsula, to offer their unique blend holistic training. For an unforgettable and life changing experience to renew body, mind and spirit I highly recommend spending a week with Dr. Jason and Téa!”

-Dorothy Y.

-Dorothy Y.

“Téa and Jason have the ability make a space feel like a warm and welcoming home, wherever they are. I attended their retreat in 2016 and it was a week that I will always remember. I was a solo traveller who hopped on the trip at the last minute but it never felt like I was alone. There was a sense of community that radiated from the moment I registered and continued even after everyone parted ways. The two have a wealth of knowledge about the body, mindful movement, and the philosophy surrounding the yoga practice that they’re able to convey so clearly and creatively. However, it is their down to earth personalities and genuine regard for others that makes me (and many others!) one of their biggest fans. It would bring me great joy to participate in every retreat they host. I look forward to the next time the opportunity presents itself!”

-Lesley L.

-Lesley L.

I had the opportunity to participate in a yoga and wellness retreat with Jason and Téa in Costa Rica. It was an experience that exceeded my expectations. As well as instruction and practice in yoga and movement, the week-long session included daily guided meditation, interactive talks on health and wellness, and opportunities for reflection and self-inquiry. Jason’s extensive background of training and experience in Natural Health Care and Integrative Medicine, and Téa’s in Yoga and Psychology provided strengths they drew from regularly in their roles as teacher facilitators. Their activities were carefully prepared and well organized. They were open and flexible to the needs of participants. 

The setting was ideal, a simple but stunning facility thoughtfully developed to provide time and space for self-renewal while maintaining respect for the natural environment. I came away feeling enriched and energized by my interactions with the instructors and fellow participants, and the beautiful surroundings. I was able to clarify some personal challenges and identify some positive practices to bring with me and apply to my everyday life at home. It was a wonderful gift to self for time out to recharge. Thank you, Jason and Téa, for making this possible!