Let us not confuse complacency with acceptance. Cognitive dissonance with positivity. Nor disconnection from feeling (numbness) for a spiritually advanced state.

I had the hardest time witnessing these patterns within the communities (specifically the spiritual communities) that I had moved through for the past 2 decades.

Your EMOTIONS are a part of your built in navigation system. Divine in its own right. Tune in to its cues and clues (without losing yourself to the e-motion…which is meant to move and pass through). Do not wallow in it. Ask it what it is there to show you, teach you, bring to your awareness and use it to inform your life and the direction you choose to walk in.

Anger, rage, aggression are NOT negative or ‘bad’. They are needed as a force/volition to move you in a new direction or to inform you of a deeper need or longing. These emotions are an energy. Use them to understand where you are, what you are needing and how to move forward with a clearer vision. You don’t need to overcome these emotions. They are an inner guidance system. Be with them as they arise. Let them guide you by tuning in to what it is that these emotions are bringing to the surface. Ask, ‘beloved, what is it that you have come to tell me?’ Once you do this, the deep listening and tending to the deep messages of your intelligent body will free up those dense emotions, allowing them to transmute and dissolve.

Your innate DESIRES are valid, worthy and linked to Divine Source. We long to evolve, grow and expand. No need to minimize, undermine or discard your inner longings. You deserve all that you seek. Just get clear on what that longing is truly for.

Lastly, we all have a role to play. The jackass in your life might have come in to teach you of your power and resilience. 2020 came around to expose the corruption, deception, abuse that we have been participating within so that we can declare our sovereignty and put an end to this matrix.

When we begin to understand that all challenges and hardships can be seen as a true opportunity to reevaluate our values, clarify what is truly important in our lives, we can then CHOOSE to align our speech and action with our core values that enable us to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. Your own life then, will become your greatest teacher. Your greatest ally will be your own body and mind working in unison guiding you on your journey.

You can read all the spiritual books and perform all sorts of yoga poses and spend hours in meditation. But ultimately, notice when you put a greater power on an authority OUTSIDE of yourself (whether it’s a teacher/guru, deity, God, practice, expert, institution, government official) in charge AHEAD of your own feelings, gut/intuition, and know that by doing so you are giving your own power away to another. Please remember beloved: YOU are so incredibly POWERFUL!

RECOGNIZE that your SPIRITUAL practice is to tune into your OWN Spirit that is connected to Source. Clean your lens (discard beliefs that limit), spend time in Nature (reconnect with your essence), reflect on your actions and interactions (your life will show you your lessons), but know that even those whom you may look up to is reflecting back to YOU what lies within yourself. Therefore, ask yourself: how are you SERVING your own SPIRIT? Do you feel expansive or small? Limitless or constrained? Free or trapped? Empowered or subservient? Deeply connected to joy, or wavering depending on the weather and circumstances?

So love yourself, love your miraculous beautiful vessel (your beloved body), and really tap into all innate abilities that we have been programmed to discount and discard. For it is with clarity, faith in Self and the presence of a Benevolent Force, and the desire for connection to that pure Light Source consciousness that we can reclaim our power back and ride with glory and joy into this magnificent new age.

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