Did you know what .COM stands for?
‘Corporation Over Market’
Corporation = Corpse (that which lacks a soul; dead)

We have been participating like zombies within this matrix. Good news is that the matrix is in our head, we have chosen to allow them to control and manipulate us. When we wake up from this long dream spell, we can CHOOSE to step out of this matrix and live as we desire to, hence allowing the shackles to naturally and organically fall away.

They only have power when we choose to believe the lies and live within the confines of their structures (the 9-5 slave system; the school system; buying this poisoned foods; taking their toxic meds or injecting our children with it; playing by their rules; rejecting our own feelings and senses.

💥We can instead revoke our participation and create work around our passion and love for our neighbour/humanity and Earth.
💥Spend time in nature with our children (instead of participating in school programming). So that we can nurture the incoming souls while assisting them to bring forth more easefully their gifts and abilities from the Spirit world.
💥Grow our own food.
💥Connect with and create local communities that support each other.
💥Choose love over fear. Truth over falsehood. Courage over comfort/complacency.

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