Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

-Albert Einstein

The title, “Silva Mind Control,” was originated by José Silva in the 1960s at the onset of his world-famous self-empowerment system. The name was changed years ago to “The Silva Method,” in order to more accurately describe the program.

Jason and I read the book last year and decided that this would be a great way to start off our Adventures in Joy year! Lucky for us, this course was being offered in Toronto in January.


Though Mr.Silva taught that through right brain thinking, individuals could connect with a “higher intelligence”, it is the powers within the self that his teachings emphasize.


We spend 4 days with a passionate and knowledgeable instructor who was a true believer in the method. Having witnessed the power of the techniques, and continuing to implement the method in his own life, Stephen Dobos is convinced of the importance of a (calm) mind and a vivid imagination. He was generous in sharing story after story of circumstances changed and lives altered due to the harnessing of the mind’s powers. We admired Stephen for sharing stories that spoke of his awareness of his shortcomings and life challenges while noting his genuine desire to work towards improvement.

During the workshop, we were guided through meditation and visualization practices to arrive in an Alpha brain wave state, where one’s focus is then intentionally directed towards specific goals that one wants to work on.  From healing the body, improving relationships, gaining clarity around challenging situations, to finding your keys, improving sleep, and developing ESP (intuition), and more. The techniques help one begin to comprehend the power of the mind and our human potential. We were able to implement the teachings right away and see results, which kept us motivated to continue to explore the method.

Did you know that if you take a few moments to quiet your mind and while in a calm state tell yourself that you will wake up at 7am the next morning, you will wake up the next day without needing an alarm clock?
Through the sharing of stories of current and past Silva Method students, we heard many formidable stories of miraculous healing and exceptional insights. One of which was a student within our class named Belinda*. Over 2 years ago, Belinda sustained a big health scare when she woke up one morning to realize that she was paralyzed from her neck down. During a busy and emotionally taxing time in her life she was all of a sudden unable to walk, move or tend to any of her daily affairs.

She was stuck in a wheelchair being wheeled around from one appointment after another visiting various doctors and specialists and running numerous tests for 2 years. The doctors were puzzled by her condition and were unable to pinpoint the cause of her paralysis. The specialists wanted to have her try a number of medications including a series typically prescribed to patients of multiple sclerosis. Being aware of the side effects of such strong medications, and genuinely believing that the doctor’s were incorrect in their diagnosis, Belinda ultimately chose to go against the experts’ recommendations and willed her way back to health.

She had a strong conviction that she was well and that her body had the capacity to heal – without question. She was also motivated by her desire to get well for her children; her son was to be married soon and she wished to dance with him at the wedding ceremony. Belinda has had the love and support of her husband during her entire recovery journey. And recovered she has!

This formidable husband and wife duo sat beside us during the course and spoke of how they have been implementing the teachings of the Silva Method for over 20 years. Having heard her story, it made it that much more joyful to see her sit upright and walk around with ease. She said that her health is not yet 100%, as there was some smaller mobility issues that she was working through, but for the most part she was feeling fully recovered from her health ‘event’, as they called it.


Aside from the Joy of bearing witness to the miracle of the motivated mind, I was also thrilled of our company. Having my 14 year-old son agree to accompany us to training was truly joyful for me. Yes, I did bribe him with eating out for lunch, but was surprisingly delighted when he agreed! The days were long, and our facilitator Stephen did advise us that this may be a lengthy course for our teen to sit through.

However, I was unable to find this course being made available anywhere to teens, so after checking in with my son, I booked him in with us. It gave me a true sense of joy to spend the entire 4 days with my son and have him listen in to the teachings. I felt that the material would prove to be valuable to him as he lives his life in these modern times that ask for creative and innovative ways of problem-solving. So I massaged his shoulders and let him rest his head on me when he needed to rest or even doze off as he did occasionally.

He was alert and interested for most of the 4-day immersion and also heard the conversations that Jason and I had around the exercises and stories. The entire course brought on a feeling of joy for Jason and I. The meditations and visualizations and the encouragement to tap into imagination allowed us to step into the world of childhood play. We were open to explore and experiment and discuss with enthusiasm the possibility of ‘what if?’

How is it that we lose this enthusiasm and joy as well as our connection to imagination as we get older? What if parents/caregivers and the school systems continued to encourage and nurture children’s creativity, sense of wonder and natural sense of imagination? Would we have greater number of adults whom would be more far reaching in their realms of understanding what could be possible and through that conviction be able to further extend into our human potential?

We really don’t fully understand how powerful we are in creating our world. And when we can consciously align our thoughts and feelings, we influence our world in more ways than we can imagine. It is so much fun to engage in different activities, learnings and adventures to help us expand our ideas of what is actually possible when it comes to shaping and influencing our reality. *we’ve changed the student’s name here to protect her identity.

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