Why Joy?

To Awaken Your True Potential

Here at Adventures in Joy, we are dedicated to a belief, sprouted out of experience, that it is possible to live a life with joy as your compass. The sense of wonder, curiosity and imagination of our children were instrumental in catapulting us into envisioning a different life. As we cast aside doubt, fear and judgement, we were liberated in imagining a life filled with connection to Spirit and guided by joy.

It is through our own life’s journey as well as the exploration of many present and ancient teachings, that we are here to inspire you to live your most joyful and fulfilling life. It is our desire to be a part of a global community that is consciously Awakening to their True Potential.

Consider these questions as you reflect on your current state in life:


Are you feeling alive, or discontent?


Fulfilled, or unhappy?


Energetic, or depleted?


Excited and eager, or barely getting by?


Is your physical body speaking to you about your emotional state?


Are you dealing with chronic pain that is lingering?


An ache that is debilitating yet unexplained?

Could it be that your current emotions are showing you how far you’ve stepped away from your rightful, ever-available state of joy?

It’s Important To Understand That Finding Joy Is Part Of Our Conscious Evolution

What if the distance between your connection to a joyful state and your current emotion is indicative of the connection to your Spirit?

What if by connecting to this sense of joy, you are in fact REMEMBERING your own worthiness, completeness, perfection, holiness and Spirit. Too often we give our own power away. Have you considered all the qualities you have attributed to a power outside of yourself; whether that source of power be money, technology, or even a person? What if the qualities that these powers hold for you, are in actuality, potentials not yet realized within yourself? Could it be that by trusting your innate wisdom, reconnecting with your intuition (or gut feeling), and beginning to explore that which brings you joy, you are in essence finding your way back to your true self? Could your joy be a gateway to a deeper  connection to your true potential?

Uncovering that which brings you true joy is tuning in to your Spirit’s calling.

Have you noticed that when you’re in a state of joy you have a seemingly endless supply of energy? Your eagerness and excitement for life fills you up and your days seem easier and sweeter. Your taste buds are somehow satiated with this fuller version of life. What were once perceived as challenges, now seem much more manageable, even fun; like a puzzle that can be pieced together and understood. Within this state of joy, even your most perplexing relationships and interactions no longer weigh you down. You may even notice that they simply begin to move out of your life.

Yogis speak of a state of pure joy known as ananda. The state of pure joy or bliss is deeper than the superficial passing emotions that arise and shift from moment to moment. 

It is this state that we are referring to when we speak of JOY. It is a feeling that is very different from the fleeting states of pleasure, the roller coaster rides or the habitual distractions that we often find ourselves cycling through in an attempt to grasp that elusive feeling of joy.

At Adventures In Joy, we use these three pillars as the tools for self empowerment for those we serve


The Three PIllars of Adventures in Joy

Pillar 1: Outrageous Joy

We made the choice to believe that the essence of life is to experience and taste the many different flavours of joy available to us. To create, remain open and seek out unique opportunities to be filled with the splendour of joy. We are sharing some of the wonderful and outrageous ways that we have experienced joy with the intention that it sparks a tidal wave of excitement within others to seek out more joy in their lives. Joy is the most powerful tool we have to facilitate change and it is highly contagious. Individual joy leads to family joy, which leads to community joy, which eventually leads to global joy. Joy is abundantly around us if we are looking for it but easy to miss if we are not.

Pillar 2: The Power of Perspective

We naturally tend to pair what is familiar with that which is “normal” and “correct”. Whether it be around topics such as child rearing, education, health, success, gender roles, relationships etc… we all have our individual preferences and biases. Most of what we have become familiar with though is through our upbringing, our role models, media, education, our culture, and our religion. It is not that these ways of learning are innately wrong, but if this is all we are familiar with then they are inherently limited. For example, if all you have ever eaten is vanilla ice cream and as far as your concerned vanilla ice cream is the greatest thing on planet earth and then one day you walk into an ice cream shop and discover half a dozen flavours that light up your taste buds in ways that you never knew were even possible, you may find the need to re-evaluate your stance on vanilla. It is our intention to share the stories, the insights, and the truths from various people, courses, cultures and teachings from around the world. May these perspectives inspire and entice you to live an even more flavourful and joyful life as they have for our family.

Pillar 3: Spirit

Have you ever heard a story, a teaching or a piece of music that moved you to tears? These moments are precious because they are often unexpected, taking us by surprise while our guard is down. They touch us in an honest and profound way that expands our heart, connects us to one another and to something greater than ourselves. Most cultures are steeped in their own variation of wisdom, spirituality and truth that can touch the soul in a deep and authentic way. It has been a passion for our family to learn about and experience the beauty inherent in so many cultures and it’s our pleasure and privilege to be able to share them with you today.